Signage - built-up lettering and lighting

"I particularly appreciated their application of intelligent thought to find the most efficient, non-intrusive way of doing the job"
Purchasing & Insurance Manager, College of North west London. 

Built-up lettering signs are an impressive way of giving a 3 dimensional and prominent finish to a sign.

Industrial Abseiling technicians can easily install the individual letters, which are generally made from metal or acrylic and these can be simply and safely hauled into place ready for fixing into the  correct position.    Abseiling gives more freedom to move around a location and place every item in the desired position.  Built-up lettering can also feature lighting elements which is not a problem for our multi-skilled technicians.

Industrial Abseiling have carried out electrical work by abseiling on some of London’s most iconic building such as rewiring the H back into Harrods which was carried out within the same day of the initial phone call. Harrods  were obviously impressed with the service our multi-skilled abseilers provided as they invited us back to undertake the relampng by abseiling of the famous Harrods dome.  We worked alongside the powered access company to reach the neon lighting that their cherry picker could not access.

 We are happy to get involved at any stage of your installation and can be used during the design and measuring process or simply for the final installation.

 For more information on our signage work you can also visit our dedictaed website