Industrial Abseiling have abseiled on a number of exciting buildings in and around the Capital.  We have recently returned to abseil on Westminster Cathedral, the Harrods store and the new Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, for the second time, which helps speak for itself on our commitment to quality work and a prompt response.  

Take a look at the some of the photographs and videos from some of our recent work...

Abseiling Sky Gardens, London

Industrial Abseiling recently carried out an amazing job which had been deemed impossible!  Our task was to install a large vinyl graphic to the exterior glass of the Sky Garden which is situated at the top of the giant commercial skyscraper 20 Fenchurch Street (also know as the Walkie Talkie Building).  The signage was to celebrate the release of Transformers - The Last Knight and featured Optimus Prime in a location where you could even get a selfie with him!  Our rope access operatives worked closely throughout the night with all involved, our client Newman Displays, Paramount Pictures and Kuku Media who filmed our work.  It was a challenging job but our skilled operatives showed just how experienced and talented they are to get the job done.  

Check out the whole video on YouTube:


Abseiling Sky Gardens, London - rope access with Kuku Media  filmingAbseiling Sky Gardens, London - rope access


Media Abseiling has arrived…

 Our new website dedicated to sign installation has arrived.  Take a look at


Lighting Signage

 It was probably about time Industrial Abseiling went back to school...or rather in this case back to university, more specifically the Queen Mary University of London. But we didn’t get to join the other bright sparks in lectures and seminars because we had a job to do instead – installing the universities new electrical signage.

Our teams love installing signage features such as this because of the unique challenges they face – requiring all our usual rope access, work restriction and fall arrest techniques for access, but also safe and proper wiring of the electrics and also working with haulage systems in order to lift often large, heavy lettering and emblems safely and securely into place.

By Daniel



Snow Centre

After besting the worst of the British weather in London a few weeks ago our team still felt that they just hadn’t seen quite enough snow yet. So when the opportunity to carry out work on Hemel Hempstead’s Snow Centre appeared, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Luckily though our team of abseilers wrapped up warm for this one!

The action came thick and fast on the slopes, and our team were busy too – working hard high above to remove frozen ice from the centre’s steel roof supports. In order to get the job done our specialists had to employ a rope access technique which enables them to horizontally traverse out to the problem area and carry out works called aid-climbing.

Needless to say, by the time boots hit the snow everyone was more than ready for a nice cup of tea and a chance to get warm. Mission accomplished.

By Daniel. 



Banner Installation at Waterloo

 The team have recently been involved in dropping and installing a large banner in the busy Waterloo Station.  The weight and size of the banner made this a tough job but we use a pulley system to ensure this is done quickly and safely.  Many of you may have seen it on your journey to the Royal Wedding!!!



Industrial Abseiling is Expanding…

 Industrial Abseiling has been growing from strength to strength and as a result we are looking for more abseilers to join us.  Please email your CV to or follow the link on the contact page.  The majority of our work is in the London area but we do work all over the UK.  To help us out, please make a note on your email where you are based and if you have your own kit.  


Industrial Abseiling helping to advertise Tulips!

Industrial Abseiling have installed banners and signs but we were recently approached to help with a new an exciting project to advertise Tulips!  With the help of some of our contacts in London we were able to provide the venue for the project and the abseiling team.

With the help of some of our contacts in London we were able to provide the venue for the project and the abseiling team.  The guys were glad to ditch the usual work clothes and adapt the abseil in order to fit the requirements of the client and everyone was left thrilled with the result.  A professional photographer was on site to produce some advertising shots  and also a small film crew which produced an amazing video for YouTube - check out the link!  Also look for more videos from Industrial Abseiling on YouTube...


Industrial Abseiling Ltd - News

 Industrial Abseiling have been busy installing an impressively large building wrap in the London area - This was completed successfully and all clients were happy with the result! For this signage project we have been working along side a marketing company, signage company, scaffolders and the site foreman - just to name a few!  Here are a couple of pictures showing the job in progress - and this is just under half!  More to follow...



Abseiling in confined spaces

Industrial Abseiling undertake silo and confined space work for a variety of different sectors from construction to the food industry.  We have put together a few clips and photos from one of our jobs to give you a quick idea of what it is like to go deeper underground.....


Putting the “H” back into Harrods

Industrial Abseiling Ltd were contract to resolve the problems with Harrods sign.


Industrial Abseiling at the Snow Centre

Industrial Abseiling were contracted to remove some of the Ice build up on the roof at the Snow Centre.