"You allowed us to access areas that were impossible from scaffold or machines"
Westminster Cathedral Estate Works Manager.


Abseil techniques are extremely cost effective for sealing and repairing crack on windows, concrete or steelwork. Industrial Abseiling can respond quickly and take advantage of small windows of opportunity where the weather is favourable, completing the works before the weather causes further damage.  


Abseiling methods are quick and versatile allowing our rope technicians to work on steep roofs, repairing steel/lead flashing and roof tiles. This allows our rope technicians to access all areas of the roof without the use of staging, thus saving time and money.


Abseil access can offer brickwork re-pointing and repairing works long before conventional methods such as scaffolding and powered access like cherry pickers often turn up on site.


Abseil access techniques are extremely cost effective when it comes to minor activities such as gutter cleaning and repair. Conventional access methods such as scaffolding and powered access cost ten fold more than the problem that you wish to solve. Industrial Abseiling brings an affordable solution to big and small companies alike, as well as the domestic market.


Shrubs, weeds and Ivy growing on buildings and in guttering can cause structural instability and can cause extensive damage to the fabric of your building. Abseiling can remove vegetation and debris associated with this “growing” problem.


With rope access Industrial Abseiling can get up high and close in order to removes unwanted atmospheric soiling that tarnishes much of the brickwork in major cities. Industrial Abseiling rope access engineers can apply specially formulated brick cleaning chemicals (which in association with water rinsing), removes the soiling and returns the brickwork to its original colour.


The marriage between Lead work and Industrial Abseiling 
Lead work and abseiling share a common factor – Height. Lead work is traditionally used for guttering, flashing, roofing, hoppers and downpipes, all of which are located in high and difficult to access areas. Until now the only way to access these areas is by erecting expensive scaffolding or gaining permits for difficult to position powered access. Industrial Abseiling is one of a select branch of abseiling companies whom marry Industrial Abseiling and tradition restoration methods. Our technicians have been trained in all areas of lead work, such as lead wielding, by the lead academy.

Small patches of lead sheet may be carefully welded over any splits to form permanent repairs. The lap joints should be used to strengthen and to prevent penetration of the flame through the lead. Roll ends are a common point of failure and the whole section may be cut out so that a new pre-fabricated roll end can be welded into position.

Precautions should be taken against the risk of fire when making repairs using a blow-torch. Where a hot working ban is enforced, repairs can only be made by either taking the defective panels out and welding patches off site, or sealing the cracks with a patent sealing tape. We do not normally recommend the latter because repair tapes do not usually last very long.

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